After nearly three years of frequent court engagement, Mark is reunited with his boys.
This is the follow-up to the article titled Revelation for an Alienated College student.
Parental Alienation creates deep mournful wounds for both parents and children.
In cases of Parental Alienation, the drop-off and pick-up of your child may likely become an instance of conflict.

February 2023

The emotional challenge of Parental Alienation can be overcome, with or without our kids.
Some agitators who participate in Parental Alienation have a valid and specific weakness; we must explore this hidden opportunity for the sake of our…
Surname changes occur more often than we may recognize.
The reckless acts of Parental Alienation from my daughter's mother advocated for my daughter to change her last name from Long to her stepfather’s last…
Earlier today, I broke one of my ribs in a freak accident. There is nothing quite like the pain of a broken rib to keep me up at night. I will do my…
During the chaos created by Parental Alienation, I overlooked an answer to prayer, and this event may have permanently overcome PA with my daughter.

January 2023

Some tips to help point out quick and convenient decisions when hiring a lawyer to help win your case involving Parental Alienation
The recent article "About my Parental Alienated Friends and Data" provided important data expressed within ten points. This article focuses on 11.5%