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Darel L. Long, launched the site in support who are impacted by Parental Alienation. The primary articles are written by Long.

Welcome to OvercomeParentalAlienation.com. I’m truly appreciative that you’ve found the site. If you suffer from parental alienation, we share a common and deeply problematic issue. I personally acknowledge I’ve endured and later overcome parental alienation. It has been the greatest personal challenge I’ve endured.

If you are new to parental alienation conflict, you must immediately recognize your circumstances differ than most separation or divorce scenarios.  You must not compare your current situation to those who are going through legal separation or divorce. You must take bold legal steps to ensure you are a firm part of your child or children’s future.


When the opposing parent engages in parental alienation abuse, you must quickly take action to defend your kids and yourself. Never trust the abuser.  It doesn’t matter how nice they were when you were together, this is now a fight you must win. You must fight with everything you have in you. If you fail to be resolute with this matter, it’s highly probable you will be on the road to losing your child to parental alienation.

In my case, parental alienation began when Alexis was three years old. and sadly, I haven’t seen her since she was 16, and she is now 27.  The title of my site may surprise you, but now that you realize I haven’t seen Alexis for some time. I want to reassure you that you can overcome parental alienation and lead a happy and worthwhile life.

It’s taken a long time to write about the loss of Alexis. It gives me great satisfaction to help you set your life with goals that will give you peace. You should be aware of an important fact that my former wife is a director of Counseling at a large public school system in Virginia.  This reason, and many more, points out the fact that the legal and school systems are broken.

My long-term experience with parental alienation and articles may provide valuable information to help you. My former background includes banking, a radio host, and currently I’m an entrepreneur and writer.  Parental alienation has been with me for a long time and it grieves me when I hear of others going through this in their lives.

The newsletter is free and at some point, I will offer a free and paid subscription. Overall parental alienation is a tragedy. It seems lawmakers lack the serious mindset to pass laws noting family abuse in support of jail time to deter abusive and agitating parents, and school systems tend to avoid the issues because of potential backlash from the agitating parent.

The newsletter:

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Note: Community comments: I’m eager to read comments posted by subscribers, but due to time constraints, I’m less likely to reply.

Love is the greatest defender,

Darel L. Long

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