Written by Darel L. Long: An estimated 450,000 kids every year are affected by Parental Alienation. Overall, little has been done. This is my story.
During the chaos created by Parental Alienation, I overlooked an answer to prayer, and this event may have permanently overcome PA with my daughter.
Some tips to help point out quick and convenient decisions when hiring a lawyer to help win your case involving Parental Alienation
The recent article "About my Parental Alienated Friends and Data" provided important data expressed within ten points. This article focuses on 11.5%
Data provides understanding, awareness, and answers. As alienated parents we must understand data to improve our mood and solutions.
A remarkable conversation from a former alienated daughter who recently reconnected with her mother
Alienated parents are less likely to receive a favorable outcome to have a meaningful relationship with the kids if the alienated parent is passive.
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Overcome Parental Alienation